A unique opportunity to take part in a weekend of instrument making in the amazing setting of the Ancient Technology Centre.

What will we Make?

A 15 inch diameter Shamanic style drum
, with deerskin or reindeer skin head and cedar hoop. We will cut the head and the lacing and lace the drum on the pre made hoop. We'll also learn about the tanning process with a chance to try scraping a raw hide. The goal will be to learn how to go from dead animal to clean drum head, and how to lace a variety of lacing patterns.

We will also make a beater for our drum from buckskin.

A bone flute, from goat, sheep or deer bone depending on availablity. We'll either make a fipple type flute (like a recorder) with a beeswax block, or an edge blown flute (like a quena), depending on time and how confident people are feeling. We'll start with a bone straight from the animal, learn how to clean it and prepare it, bleach it clean and then make it into a flute.

A Blowing Horn, made from a cow horn.

A rattle, made from the same rawhide as our drum, where possible.

If time allows, we will also make a mouthbow, hazelnut whistle and river cane reedpipe.

drum making workshop

The participants at our last instrument making weekend.


The weekend workshop will be held at the Ancient Technology Centre, Cranborne, East Dorset. Their website can be found here.

We will begin at 7pm Friday and continue until 3 pm Sunday approximately. Meals will be provided, though we will ask you to bring some food to share. Tea and coffee will be provided. There is camping accommodation in the Viking Longhouse. You will need to bring bedding or a sleeping bag.

The ATC is easily accessable by car, or we can pick people up from Ringwood or Salisbury if you wish to come by public transport.


Tickets for the weekend workshop are £220 each which includes accommodation, meals, all raw materials and instruction.

We will hold a place for you on receipt of an £80 deposit. This deposit covers the cost of purchasing and preparing the raw materials. The balance of payment must be made at least a two weeks before the date of the workshop, either by cheque or Paypal (we will send you a Paypal invoice by email for the balance).

You can pay either the full fee or the deposit using the Paypal buttons below.

If you decide to pay by cheque please email us before you send it so we can hold a place for you. If you have any problems with the Paypal button please contact us.

Once you have booked we will send you more information about the site and what to bring.

Please note places are very limited so book early to avoid being disappointed.

Ticket Type
Drum Type

Workshop Refunds Policy: if you cancel with enough notice for us to sell your ticket to someone else then we will give you a full refund of your deposit. If we are unable to resell your place, then the deposit becomes non-refundable, though we will refund the balance of the workshop fee if you have already paid in full.

About us:


Kate Fletcher is a singer, folk musician and music teacher with a passion for long ballads and the dance traditions associated with them, Viking and Dark Age music, and the folk traditions of Northern Europe in general. She plays kantele, harp and lyre, leads choirs and vocal workshops, and together with Corwen, makes ancient musical instruments. They regularly present Viking music workshops at the ATC and elsewhere.

Corwen ap Broch is a multi-instrumentalist and instrument maker based in Dorset. He has researched ancient music and experimented with making and playing instruments from the stone-age through to Viking times. He regularly gives talks, workshops and demonstrations on Dark Age instruments. He is an accomplished performer and teacher, and has made several BBC television appearances.

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