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The LongHouse:

ATC Viking Long House.


The old RoundHouse (recently replaced):



Inside the EarthHouse:

Inside the Earthhouse


Sleeping in the Longhouse:

Inside the Longhouse


Graham Harvey was our speaker in 2009:

Graham Harvey in the Earthhouse



Cliff Eastabrook in the Earthhouse


Bear Feast Games:

Spear Throwing


wife carrying:

Wife carrying


axe throwing:

Axe throwing


the (in)famous Brussel Sprout Slingshot:

Brussel sprout slingshot


Tug of Rope (more peaceful than tug of war...):

Tug of rope...


and Archery:



A winning team!

Fox team


Evening entertainment:

Micheal and Candida


Fun around the fire:



Sunday morning concludes with an exchange of gifts, after the Yule Goat has been chased off!

Yule Goat

Big thanks to Bick of The Art House in Southampton, Fred and Bruce for these pictures.
You can see the rest of Bick's pics here:
plus Bruce's pictures here:
and Fred-in-the-Green's here:




round house sleeping quarters
Lighting the fire at the start of the ceremony The hearth
Cliff our teller of tales Corwen with the bowed harp
Fox banner Hare banner
Salmon team banner Stag team banner
Spear Throwing Vic and Mal in the 'Wife Carrying'
Stave wrestling Some of the Hare team
Alex's fabulous mulled cider We're going on a Bear Hunt...
Celtic Sound-House... Fred's winning prayer stick
Honey-Paw returns to Heaven Honey-Paw returns to Heaven

Thanks to Jennifer, Fred-in-the-Green and Barbara (Sound Advice) for the 2008 photos. If you have any other pictures you'd like to share email them to us and we'll add them in.






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