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Here are all our videos gathered in one place for your viewing pleasure!

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Kate & Corwen playing at Glastonbury Town Hall in 2009 and 2010:


Kate and Corwen play The Highland Widow's Lament with Damh the Bard. This song is heard over the opening credits of the 1973 film The Wicker Man.


Kate and Corwen play The Cruel Sister, on Viking instruments (horsehair kantele, and Jaw harp). This medieval ballad is widespread across Northern Europe, it tells the story of the murder of the younger sister by the older who is jealous of the attention given to her sister by a suitor. An instrument is made from her body which tells the tale to shocked onlookers at the older sisters wedding feast...

Kate and Corwen play Sweet England, a traditional English folk-song.


Instrument Demonstrations:

Trossingen Lyre




Shetland Gue


Slovisha Gusli


Rawhide Rattles


Shaman Drums


Bone Flutes


Blowing Horns


Prillar Horn


Viking Panpipe





Folk Drama and Instrument Demonstrations are coming soon.







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